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Haute Couture
This month's design idea Haute Couture

Refurbished period furniture parade in your living room. Some daring touches of pink will bring a healthy glow to your interior. Don’t be afraid to mix red and orange: this season’s oh-so trendy pair.

For a little contrast in this colourful atmosphere, finish off this sparkling décor with crystal ceiling lights and translucent candles. Then add a feminine touch with some flowers.


Fuchsia, orange and red dominate this atmosphere of contrasts. Classic and Baroque form a sumptuous blend in these extravagant colours lighting up your interior. Make a personal statement with sturdy yet really comfortable furniture. Home linens are adorned with velvet, satin and embroidery for that “sewed” look. Light plays with the lovely transparent ceiling lights, candles and glassware. A new romantic style to be adopted enthusiastically!

MANOIR metal droplet chandelier in ...
149,90 € +
Solid oak dining table W 120cm - Atelier
999,90 € +
Velvet and chestnut medallion ... - Louis
189,90 € +
Velvet chaise longue in red - Scala
499,90 € +
Birch chest of drawers ... - Haute couture
599,90 € +
ANTOINETTE sweet jar H 30cm
24,99 € +
Birch chest of drawers ... - Haute couture
599,90 € +
Cotton cabriolet armchair in ... - Louis
199,90 € +