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Light up your garden
This month's design idea Light up your garden

To light up your garden, there is no shortage of traditional lighting: projectors, torches, lanterns, candle jars, candles, fairy lights etc., but have you considered illuminated decorative pieces?

Spheres, cubes and other column lights are all in fashion, providing original and attractive outdoor lighting. Illuminated armchairs and planters are just as elegant and also very practical.


A lovely day spent enjoying the sunshine is drawing to a close. But why should it all end so soon? At nightfall, lights sparkle and magic is at work. A few touches of colour and design are enough to summon the magic outdoors, in the style of the Arabian nights, or a contemporary fairy tale. Candles, fairy lights, lanterns and candle jars add cheer to mealtime and imbue the garden, patio or balcony with a soft, warm and intimate atmosphere. Illuminated cubes, spheres, planters and armchairs add their multicoloured tricks to these lovely alternative lights.

ADÈLE wooden lantern H 61cm
39,99 € +
Scented ball candle in blue H 9cm
1,95 € +
Light-up pot, multicoloured H 64cm
169,90 € +
INDUSTRY wood and metal candle jar H ...
99,99 € +
Multicoloured light-up cube 40 x 40cm
109,90 € +
Cylinder candle in white H 15cm
5,59 € +
Scented ball candle in green H 9cm
1,95 € +
Ball candle in red H 10cm
4,99 € +
4 cactus candles + wooden support
14,99 € +
Glass candle in ivory H 8cm
1,95 € +
Glass candle in blue H 7cm
1,95 € +
Ball candle in white H 10cm
4,99 € +
Cylinder candle in green H 10cm
1,95 € +
Glass candle in green H 8cm
1,95 € +