Our price policy is based on a simple and responsible principle: that of the right price.

Right for us. Right for our partners. Right for you. That is why we do not promote low-cost special offers to get you to buy other more expensive products. That is why we do not inflate our prices in order to allow you to benefit from misleading discounts. That is why, instead of including them in an unclear overall total, we do not hide what carriage costs really cost you.

We know the right price better than anyone else.

Our furniture collections are original creations, designed by our stylists, manufactured using artisanal techniques by our partners, and distributed solely by our brand. In addition to guaranteeing the quality of our products, this allows us to calculate our supplies down to the smallest detail. That is why we do not need to sell off products that are not selling well. They are also versatile for when you change your mind and they also avoid any wasted space.

This control over our production makes us all the more committed to an economy based on solidarity.

In particular, by controlling our supply channels and seeking certification. But also be paying out several hundred thousand euros a year to sustainable development projects. It is because we believe that we should not make savings at the cost of our planet or our local partners that we do not play with prices.

These are all reasons why you can be sure that we are fair on price.

This is also why we do not offer discounts or loyalty cards. We prefer to earn your trust with low prices and innovative and responsible products, rather than with dubious discounts.

And, since, despite everything, we continue to be cheaper than our competitors, it could be said that, with us, there are savings to be made all the year round.