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Exo’romantic bedroom
This month's design idea Exo’romantic bedroom

Romantic design has characteristic soft shades, with white dominant. Exotic design with an explosion of bright colours. Can’t hear yourself speak?

Not so fast! In the right measure, the audacity of one praises the freshness of the other. The secret is to go for light coloured furniture and bedroom walls, then try a few carefully selected objects in bold colours: vases, boxes, candlesticks, paintings etc.


For romantic and exotic to come together in your bedroom, first you have to find the right balance. Keep the former’s tasteful light shades, floral motifs and delightful pieces. Then use the latter as a developer, playing on the brilliant contrasts, know-how from afar and Zen forms in Far Eastern design. The result is a touch of fuchsia to adorn the white of the bed. A Chinese wardrobe that leaves dark wood behind with its white conversion. An Indian bedside table or an Oriental cabinet with a clever finish painted in pastel colours.

Bed with base 160 x 200 cm, white ... - Zen
£199.90 +
Solid mango wood Indian ... - Jaïpur
£199.90 +
LATIPUR wooden mirror H 160cm
£209.90 +
Wooden cabinet in red W 110cm - Kinzo
£399.90 +
Recycled elm wardrobe in ... - Shanghaï
£799.90 +
Off-white wooden four poster ... - Celeste
£499.90 +
Wooden Indian cabinet in ... - Jaïpur
£499.90 +
MANOIR metal droplet chandelier in ...
£149.90 +
Velvet button armchair in ... - Constantin
£199.90 +
Bleached Panel
£89.99 +
2/3 seater cotton Indian day ... - Monoï
£499.90 +
VÉNITIEN mirror H 97cm
£169.90 +
5 seater cotton corner day ... - Bolchoï
£799.90 +
Java Wall Frieze
£99.99 +