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Studio apartment
This month's design idea Studio apartment

Clever storage and furniture can make even a small space a pleasant place to live. Choose practical, versatile furniture that you can adjust to suit you. And casters and so on make your life easier.

Don’t overlook lighting, as it is critical when decorating your studio apartment. To get the atmosphere right, go for spot lights and adjustable ceiling lights.


Anything goes for your studio apartment makeover! Get all your vitamins with a British style design. Just a few touches of the positive energy of red can really freshen up a small space. Practical furniture inspired by industrial design works elegantly with wood and metal. There’s attention to detail using original objects to energise your interior. Floor cushions and folding chairs are fun and comfortable, and they can be moved or put away in seconds.

Antiqued metal industrial ... - Edison
£80.49 +
Red 3-seater tufted clic clac ... - Studio
£219.00 +
TRIO chrome finish aluminium floor ...
£54.99 +
PATERSON metal directional ...
£54.99 +
Metal industrial chair in ... - Factory
£73.49 +
Metal industrial shelf ... - Long Island
£229.00 +
Wood and metal industrial TV ... - Docks
£183.00 +
Cotton Z-bed sofa cover with ... - Elliot
£80.39 +
London wall decor, large
£23.99 +
Antiqued metal industrial ... - Edison
£362.00 +
ROUTE 66 metal and wood CD rack and ...
£115.00 +