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An enchanting end to the year

Spread some festive cheer, and see everything through rose tinted glasses. The most wonderful time of the year conjures up magical moments and fairy tale charm, for a happily ever after season.

A fancy feast

Take the opportunity to treat yourself and your table. Elegant pink mugs to share hot drinks with loved ones, playfully elegant crockery for romantic feasts and gilded glasses for party drinks. For an extra sprinkling of magic, a whole host of candles, vases and ornaments will add finish of the table settings.

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A feast for your eyes!

Wonderful surprises

Wow your guests with little wonders. Fabulous hanging decorations adorn the tree, think sequins, faux fur, fantastic animals and charming motifs.The magic continues around the home with spare baubles on delicate branches and light-up wall decor. For the gifts, rather than placing them under the tree, pile them high in wrapping to match your decor, creating a showstopping display.

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Good things come in small packages

For Christmas this year, I've decided to surprise my guests in the simplest way possible - I'm going to send them a written invitation. Everyone loves to receive handwritten notes in the post! I'm going to put a few rose petals in the envelope to give a hint to my theme, and to thank them for coming, I'll send them a a photo of the day as a lasting souvenir!

Amelia, Christmas enthusiast

Let’s create a Wonderful Christmas

Personalise your baubles

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