Anthracite Grey 3-Seater Corduroy Sofa Holden

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Character and softness combine to make the HOLDEN 3-Seater Anthracite Grey Corduroy Sofa. Say yes to the soft embrace of the seat and backrest, and enjoy a well-earned rest or cosy nap. Use the colour to create contrast, combining it with neutrals or with bright, zingy shades. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to take your seats for some top quality relaxation on this welcoming sofa.

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Ref.: 198160
Dimensions (cm): Height82 x Width180 x Depth96
Weight (kg): 36
Assembly required

Additional information

Forro: bombazina (85 % de poliéster, 15 % de nylon) cinzento-antracite, com capa das almofadas do assento e do encosto removível
Estrutura: madeira de pinho maciça e contraplacado
Pés (desmontados): madeira de hévea, verniz acetinado

Enchimento da estrutura e dos braços: espuma de poliuretano (densidade: 22-30 kg/m3)
Enchimento do assento: 50 % de mistura de espuma de poliuretano (densidade: 30 kg/m3) e fibra de poliéster e 50 % de penas
Enchimento do encosto: 50 % de penas e 50 % de fibra de poliéster

Suspensão com molas

This product is recyclable. When it has come to the end of its life, remember to take it to a collection point.

Warranty :
- 5 years for the frame, legs, fasteners, convertible sofa mechanism (only if the sofa is convertible), fabric backing, foam padding.
- 2 years for back cushion and seat cushion stuffing.
- 1 year for sofabed upholstery and mattresses.