Banco convertível de 2 lugares cinzento desgastado Max

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This furniture product is made of FSC certified wood. This label guarantees that the wood comes from a responsibly managed forest; by choosing this product, you are also helping forest preservation and biodiversity.

Functionality and a modern look are the key features of this MAX Mottled Grey 2-seater Sleeper Sofa. With its minimalist design and sleeper sofa function, this 2 seater sofa means you have a place for your guests to sleep without giving up extra space. The marled grey cover is on-trend, with a buttoned finish for even greater comfort. Swap your coffee table for an end table, which works better in a smaller space.

Este produto faz parte da gama Max


Ref.: 147293
Dimensions (cm): Height80 x Width183 x Depth97
Weight (kg): 28
Assembly required

Additional information

Forrado com tecido cinzento-desgastado 100 % poliéster, com forro das almofadas removível

Estrutura: madeira de pinho maciça e contraplacado
Pernas (desmontadas): aço inoxidável brilhante
Enchimento da estrutura: espuma de poliuretano (densidade: 12-50 kg/m3)
Enchimento das 2 almofadas adicionais: fibra de poliéster e de rayon

Suspensão com molas
Dimensões do colchão: 180x109x18 cm


The FSC logo identifies products containing wood from a responsibly-managed forest, certified to Forest Stewardship Council standards.

This product is recyclable. When it has come to the end of its life, remember to take it to a collection point.