Cabeceira de madeira largura 140 cm Baltic

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This furniture product is made of FSC certified wood. This label guarantees that the wood comes from a responsibly managed forest; by choosing this product, you are also helping forest preservation and biodiversity.

Designed by our stylists, this wooden 140 headboard will really modernise your bedroom. This clever headboard has 2 built-in bedside tables with drawer. Set this headboard behind the bed, or attach it to the wall.
Design detail: the greyed finish with faint whitewash.
Our tip: perfect for leaning back and reading in greater comfort.
In a more industrial style, take a look also at the MANUFACTURE 140 headboard.

Este produto faz parte da gama Baltic


Ref.: 147267
Dimensions (cm): Height95 x Width205 x Depth24
Weight (kg): 53

Additional information

Estrutura, gavetas e painel: aglomerado de madeira, com laminado de carvalho francês
Gaveta desmontada na cabeceira da cama

This product is recyclable. When it has come to the end of its life, remember to take it to a collection point.

The FSC logo identifies products containing wood from a responsibly-managed forest, certified to Forest Stewardship Council standards.