Children's Teepee with Triangle and Star Print

89,99 €


This child's tepee will quickly become your little Indians' favourite refuge for playing, reading or daydreaming! Rather big and decorated with a pretty motif, this fabric tepee can be installed in a bedroom, playroom or dining room. It is easy to assemble using 6 wooden poles to be slid into the tent and then joined at the top using a cord. The design detail: the graphic and colourful motif which combines stars and small triangles. Our advice: ensure there is enough space to install the tepee in your child's bedroom.

The satchel shown in the above photo is a NOBODINOZ branded satchel.


  • Ref.: 159688
  • Dimensions (cm): Height145 x Width140 x Depth75
  • Weight (kg): 3.48
  • Polyester

Additional information

Removable fabric: 51% polyester, 38% cotton, 11% viscose print. Wooden rods.