Mesa de jantar industrial para 8 pessoas de madeira de abeto e metal comprimento 180 cm Docks

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Mesa de jantar de madeira maciça e metal DOCKS. 100 % design, esta mesa retangular inspira-se no design industrial.

Este produto faz parte da gama Docks

The combination of metal and light wood with a recycled pallet look gives this range an industrial feel.
This furniture is made from fir slats with uneven widths. Several pieces in the range have a top in matte black wood (TV unit, buffet and CD holder).
The stenciled lettering reinforces the urban character.
Some pieces in this range have sliding doors to accentuate the modern style (bookcase and buffet).
A light coat of wax gives the furniture a satin finish and simplifies maintenance.


Ref.: 110310
Dimensões (cm): Altura75 x largura180 x profundidade90
Peso (kg): 20
Assembly required

Informações adicionais

Base (desmontável) e estrutura: metal
Tampo: madeira de abeto
Acabamento: tinta acrílica preta



This product is recyclable. When it has come to the end of its life, remember to take it to a collection point.