How to choose the right coffee table

The coffee table is the centrepiece of your living room, alongside the sofa. In addition to being practical, it will help add style to your lounge space. However, you're not sure what kind you need; a Scandi coffee table or an industrial coffee table? A square or round coffee table? A coffee table made of wood or a coffee table made of glass? We can not choose for you, but can always inspire you and give you some tips!

1. The shape of the coffee table

The first thing to take into account when choosing the right coffee table is its shape.

  • A round or oval coffee table is ideal for a large living room. It offers a very friendly atmosphere and gentle style. The advantage is that it is very safe for children because it has no corners.
  • The square coffee table will also work well in large spaces. It can be very practical when it has a lower shelf or drawers, to give it a style full of character.
  • The rectangle coffee table, the most common, adapts to many setups; if you have a corner sofa or two sofas face to face, this is the perfect solution.
  • A nest of coffee tables is ideal for small spaces since it moves easily as needed. For example, simply store the nesting tables when you don't need the extra surface space or, alternatively, hide them away when you need more space. A great choice for people who love to entertain with snacks and tea.

The best of both! This Scandinavian inspired design combines the benefits of a rectangular table and an oval table. We love it!


2. The material

Material matters, and what your coffee table is made of should not be a side thought! So, which to choose?

A wooden coffee table is always popular because it is solid and adds warmth to the living room. The many colours and varieties of wood allow it to adapt to any style. And thanks to the FSC label, you can choose a table made of wood from a sustainably managed forest. Just make sure not put hot dishes on the coffee table, to avoid damaging it. Glass may be a little colder, but it has an advantage of being durable and bringing more lightness to a room thanks to its transparency. Picking a metal coffee will add extra character to your room. It's the favourite choice for the industrial style, with metal toughening up other materials on a table well. For a real rock-chic look, a marble coffee table will ensure foolproof timelessness and elegance!

3. The style

Once you have chosen the shape and material of your coffee table, take some time to think about the style. How will it look with the rest of your living room decor?

  • In a modern interior, opt for a sleek design with a preference of glass or metal.
  • For a loft look, an industrial coffee table will help keep to the tougher feel with raw wood, metal and exposed screws all necessities.
  • With a Scandi-style living room, the ideal coffee table has slanted legs, clean lines and light wood.
  • For lovers of retro style, the vintage coffee table is a must! Look out for tapered legs for truly 1920s to 1950s inspired look.
  • As for country houses or classic styles, an extra large wooden coffee table works a charm!

For a real timeless centrepiece, try a clock coffee table. It could work for so many styles; country house, industrial, classic chic...