Create an office space in your living room

In the absence of a dedicated home office, the next best option is to carve out some space in another room. The most popular target? The living room! If this is the case with your home, here are some tips for arranging a nice corner, both practical and design focused, to be able to store your papers, work on your computer or help your children to do their homework.

Be practical!

The most important part to creating an office in a small space is to think of practicality! First, choose the perfect place to work in peace.

An unused nook area – like the space directly next to a fireplace – can easily be the ideal spot to fit in a mini office.  Making the most of unused space, such as a platform, alcove or spare wall, will make a home office blend in more seamlessly with your living room while taking up little space overall. If you have an open floor plan with a seating area pushed off to one side, try placing a desk behind your sofa, or incorporate an office into your main seating area by pulling a desk alongside your sofa to double up as a side table.

Once you’ve figured out your desk space, look for furniture adapted to specifics of your space: a writing desk to gain maximum space, a corner desk, a floating shelving unit/desk combo, or a fold down desk.


Practical doesn't mean un-stylish!

To keep your home office looking seamless, go for furniture in keeping with the rest of the room. Whether your favour Scandinavian, industrial, classic or modern style, we’ve got office furniture to fit everyone!

Match your office chair to the rest of the room’s furniture, rather than using the typical office chair. Many office chairs risk damage to flooring, and look clunky and out of place. Instead, go for a model that is supportive, comfortable and swivels, so you can adjust it to the right height. Clutter is at its most distracting in the home office area, so make sure your space is as tidy as possible with wall storage, storage boxes or shelves. Finally, finish off the space with a desk lamp, a cozy carpet, and plants to improve concentration and well-being.

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