How to maintain and clean your sofa

If there's one piece of furniture that embodies your home, it's the sofa! From your prime napping spot, to your favourite book nook, to your social spot and your home cinema, your sofa is the epicentre of home life. If you’re entertainers, it’s your guest centre, and if you have children, it’s their play object. If you have pets – well, your sofa is most likely just another bed! With all that activity, accidents are bound to happen. Here are our top tips to keep your sofa in good condition!

3 steps to clean your fabric sofa

Think fabric sofas are impossible to clean? Think again! To preserve your fabric sofa, follow these three key steps:

  • Step 1: Dust, dust and dust again! Use a light touch to avoid damaging the fabric. To amp it up, choose a vacuum cleaner with a brush tip, and then set the power to a minimum.
  • Step 2: The stain removal. For immediate spills, act quickly and lightly sponge the spill with a cleaning cloth. Follow with a chemical stain remover. Never directly apply products onto the sofa, but instead, apply to a cloth. Finally, wipe away the remaining product with a damp cloth, and dry with a clean, dry cloth. Tip: Avoid spreading the stain remover or scraping the surface of the fabric.
  • Step 3: The final clean! If you’re using a liquid shampoo, apply the product with a soft brush or sponge. For cleaning with a dry foam aerosol spray, spray onto the entire sofa. Washing your fabric sofa will be a breeze if you follow the proper maintenance steps. And don’t forget: most removable fabric sofas are machine washable, but always follow the washing instructions on the label.

3 steps to maintain your leather sofa

Were you charmed by a leather sofa? To keep leather looking its best, here are some infallible steps.

  •  Step 1: Regularly dust your leather sofa. For this, use a very soft and slightly damp cloth, and then dry thoroughly. Tip: To avoid staining, choose demineralized water for cleaning.
  • Step 2: Stain removal. In case of a stain, act quickly and do not let the product soak into the leather. Absorb it as quickly as possible with a soft cloth or sponge.
  • Step 3: Clean it up! Cleaning your leather sofa is an important step to extend it’s life. To protect and moisturize the leather, choose suitable and, if possible, colourless cleaning products. These products can vary between a cream, paste, aerosol or liquid. Once chosen, apply the product on a cloth, and then softly pat it onto the leather. Avoid putting too much product onto your sofa, and always polish and dust with a very soft cloth at least half an hour before application.

3 Ways to keep your suede or microfibre sofa looking great

Wondering how to clean a suede or microfibre sofa? We’ve got tips for you too! It’s easy to maintain the sofa and elegant look of your sofa with these three steps.                                            

  • Step 1: Dust it! Regularly dust off your sofa. For this, use a very soft and slightly damp cloth, then dry thoroughly.
  • Step 2: Stressing about a stain? Follow the same step as a leather sofa: act quickly, don’t let the product penetrate the suede. Absorb as much as possible of the spill with a soft cloth or sponge.
  •  Step 3: Regular cleaning. Use a specialized product for the maintenance of suede, such as a specialised Suede eraser.

 Don’t know how to clean your microfibre sofa? Don’t worry! It’s not complicated ... At first, dust it carefully using a vacuum cleaner with a brush tip and low power. Avoid doing this with a cloth or feather duster as they may leave streaks. For cleaning, there are two solutions: if your sofa cover is removable, simply remove the cover and put it in a machine, choosing the program specific to washing wool. If your sofa cover is not removable, gently clean with product and a slightly damp sponge. Then stand back, let it dry, and admire your couch proudly!