How do you choose a nice Christmas tree?

It's time to pick out your Christmas tree.

Natural or artificial – a thorny subject

A few years ago, artificial trees definitely didn't measure up to proud, natural trees. But today, they are on an equal footing when it comes to elegance and modernity. There are numerous versions to choose from: white artificial trees, original and graphic design metal trees, wooden, LED or gold trees and, as always, imitations of natural trees which are increasingly realistic. To give yourself a few ideas, get inspired by our selection of decor trees (add link to tree page).

Artificial trees are therefore perfect for those who want to give their Christmas a designer feel and keep the tree for years to come.

As for natural trees, they remain the reference point for all end-of-year celebrations. More environmentally-friendly, they add a little authenticity and a certain amount of elegance to your interior. And kids love them!

Can't see the wood for the trees? Go fir something special!

If you choose a natural tree, you are probably trying to decide between the two most common varieties; the Nordmann fir and spruce.

We have a slight preference for the Nordmann fir as its branches are evenly spaced out, making it easier to decorate prettily. And, most importantly, it doesn't lose its needles!

Spruce is more affordable and gives off a more pleasant resin scent in your house.

A wonderfully beautiful and fresh tree

Regardless of the variety you choose, ensure that your tree is fresh when you buy it.

Check that the colours are strong, without being yellowish, and slide your hand along a branch to see if the needles fall off. Little tip: feel how heavy your tree is. The heavier it is, the more sap it contains and the longer it will remain beautiful.

Even if your kids ask for the biggest possible tree, one that touches the ceiling and doesn't even fit into your car, opt for a tree that's suited to your home so that it doesn't become a hindrance.

And, of course, choose a full, bushy tree, with well-spaced branches which will allow you to prettily hang fairy lights, baubles and hanging decorations.

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