5 ways to add yellow to your home

 There’s no better way to welcome some sunshine into your home than with a rays of yellow! The colour of happiness is sure to lift your spirits. From buttercup to sunflower and every shade in between, there’s something for every home, whether you add an accent with accessories or take the adventurous route and opt for full on sunshine. We have five yellow home looks to inspire you!

1. Mellow yellow

Want to add some summer sun to your bedroom without going too bright? Choose soft furnishings in a buttercup shade teamed with light wood for a look that feels fresh and simple. Cushions, rugs and bedding are an easy way to introduce and embrace a new colour into your bedroom, without committing to a revamp.

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2. Sunny rays

Introduce pops of colour to your shelfie with yellow decor accessories. Accents of the shade make a statement and lift an otherwise neutral decor. Choosing geometric shapes add texture, and of course, no shelfie is complete without the obligatory pineapple!

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3. Primary brights

Be bold and bright in the bedroom with yellow, red and blue! The combination of block colours and prints is nothing to snooze about… A neutral bed and flooring allows the primary wheel to take centre stage, creating a fun space that’s sure to colour you happy!

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4. Lemon and lime

Add some zest to your living space with lemon and lime! Fruity shades revitalise a monochromatic room – bright lemon trunks against a lime focal wall makes a summer statement whilst shades of grey tone down the strength, so no sunglasses needed. Palm prints and houseplants will add a tropical finishing touch.

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5. Sitting on sunshine

Beam some light into your workspace with an accent chair. Even if the sun isn’t shining, you can sit back and enjoy the glow with a canary MAURICETTE in your office! 

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Yellow armchairs, yellow rugs, yellow sideboards...Find even more bright inspiration for your home!