Getting to know today’s tribes

We are taking you to explore three family homes where you’ll find daily routines that vary from having fun, to making good habits, to embracing change. Discover their characters, interiors, and be inspired by these families’ favourite homeware and styles

The nomadic family
The evolving family
The sustainable family

An interior that whisks you away

To make it feel like they are always on an adventure in their home, travel enthusiasts Amandine and Matthieu mix bold prints with warm colours and large floral motifs. In their children’s rooms, they chose natural materials such as a rattan bench and a reading corner that feels like an escape in itself.

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To be a family is to discover the world together

At home with Amandine, Matthieu, Henry, Olympia & George

Amandine and Matthieu’s favourite homeware

An evolving interior for a growing family

Léa, Constantin and their three children love homeware that changes as their family does. Whether that means a new baby, kids who are growing up or friends coming to visit for the weekend... They choose furniture and homeware that evolves, is flexible and functional and that’s in tune with the rhythm of their life.

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To be a family is to be constantly evolving

At home with Léa, Constantin, Hector, Lazare & Jeanne

Léa and Constantin’s favourite homeware

A sustainable interior for the future generations

Anaïs and Jeremy teach their two daughters about the environment and the little things we can do to help preserve our precious planet. At their house, they recycle, walk wherever they can and in the girls’ rooms, they choose natural and eco-conscious materials. After all, good habits start a young age...

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To be a family nowadays is to be engaged with protecting the planet

At home with Anaïs, Jeremy, Amaya & Alba

Anaïs and Jeremy’s favourite homeware