These General Terms of Sale (hereinafter "GTS") apply to any order placed with the Maisons du Monde Trade Department, operated by the company MDM UK FURNITURE & DECORATION LIMITED (hereinafter “MAISONS DU MONDE”), a private limited company recorded under the number 9948209 in the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales (Companies Register) and whose registered office is at Tower Bridge House, St Katharine's Way, London, United Kingdom, E1W 1DD, or any of its subsidiaries, by any person acting for the purposes of their professional activity (hereinafter “Professional(s)” or “Customer(s)”).

In particular, professionals are considered to be, but not limited to, private and / or public companies, merchants and craftsmen, persons engaged in professional activities, institutions and public authorities, associations and works councils.

Any order placed with MAISONS DU MONDE by a Professional is subject to these General Conditions of Sale and entails the unreserved acceptance of such. No derogation from these provisions will be accepted unless it has been expressly accepted by MAISONS DU MONDE.


The products offered for sale by MAISONS DU MONDE (hereinafter the "Products") are presented in accordance with legal regulations and as accurately as possible.

Differences may exist between the Products delivered and those represented on the website (hereinafter the "Website”) or the catalogues, mainly in the case of the Artisanal Products for which homogeneity of the production cannot be perfectly ensured, or for those which have been adapted in relation to technical or technological developments. Such differences will not justify cancellation of the order or refusal of delivery, since they do not relate to the essential characteristics of the Products and do not affect their quality. As the perfect representation of the Products on the Website and / or in the catalogues cannot be guaranteed, in particular due to the differences in colours rendered through the Internet browsing software and / or monitors used to view them, MAISONS DU MONDE cannot be held responsible for the inaccuracy of the photographs on the Website or in the catalogues.

The products are designed to meet the most stringent French and European standards. However, they may not meet the specific requirements of the regulations applicable to establishments receiving the public (hereinafter referred to as "ERP"), and in particular fire-safety standards. Also, any Professional ordering products from MAISONS DU MONDE for use in an ERP must first verify the conformity of the Products with such use. MAISONS DU MONDE cannot be held responsible in case of non-compliance with these requirements.

In addition, some of our Products are not suitable for intensive use and are therefore not recommended for Professionals, who must, prior to any order, ensure that the Products selected are suitable for the use for which they are intended.



Our prices are displayed in Euros or local currency depending on the country of destination of the offer, all duties and taxes included, but excluding any customs clearance fees. The preparation, storage and delivery charges are not included in the prices shown unless otherwise stated.

Our prices are subject to change, notably when a new version of the catalogue is released. The prices displayed at the time of placing the order will apply.

Delivery: Standard delivery rates are available on the MAISONS DU MONDE website Specific delivery rates are provided by the Maisons du Monde Trade Department.


Any order placed with the MAISONS DU MONDE Trade Department is firm and definitive once the Customer signs the quote and it is confirmed by MAISONS DU MONDE.

The Products remain the property of MAISONS DU MONDE until they have been paid for in their entirety. The delivery time commences from payment of the goods. As a Professional, the Professional Customer does not have any right of withdrawal and cannot claim the provisions of the law of consumption, irrespective of the method used to place the order (including, but not limited to, an order placed through the website, in-store or via our dedicated Trade Department).

It is specified that any order of less than € 25.00 excluding VAT (equivalent amount after conversion in the local currency) will not be considered. A minimum order amount may be imposed depending on the delivery method.


The invoice is issued after acceptance of the order by MAISONS DU MONDE. The amount of the order is payable in cash by credit card or bank transfer at the time the order is validated. Any currency exchange costs are fully borne by the Customer.

The customer is responsible for checking the information recorded when placing their order and especially the invoicing address. In case of error by the Customer, the invoice cannot be modified under any circumstances.

MAISONS DU MONDE does not keep any bank details of Customers paying by credit card. As part of an ongoing effort to fight against fraud, MAISONS DU MONDE may sometimes be required to verify a customer's bank details or identity before a delivery can be made. The Customer agrees to provide the required details or proof of identity. If a satisfactory response is not given within the specified delay, MAISONS DU MONDE reserves the right to cancel the order in question.

Any delay in payment results in a penalty equal to 3 times the legal interest rate in force in France, in addition to the lump sum of 40 Euros to cover collection costs. The existence of an unpaid amount by a Customer authorises MAISONS DU MONDE to refuse any new orders from this Customer.


The terms of delivery and the estimated delivery date are specified when the order is validated by MAISONS DU MONDE.

Delivery by courier: The delivery of the order is carried out by a recognised "courier" delivery service. The parcels are delivered to the entrance of the building indicated for delivery. The price does not include delivery to the floor, unpacking, dispatch nor assembly.

The order will be delivered by parcel according to the deadline communicated when the order is validated by MAISONS DU MONDE. However, this period is an estimate.

Delivery by specialised carrier: The delivery of the order is carried out by a carrier specialised in the delivery of furniture. The furniture is delivered under a cover, under cardboard or on pallet to ensure maximum protection. Prior to any order, the Customer is obliged to inform the Maisons du Monde Trade Department of any obstacles to delivery by normal access (stairs, elevator, doors). The Customer must check the dimensions of the Products to make sure they can be delivered via normal access to the place where you intend to set them up. The cost of any cradles or freight lifts shall be borne by the Customer.

The price includes delivery to the floor, unpacking, dispatch and collection of the packaging. The price does not include the assembly of the furniture. This may be the subject of a separate service.

The delivery service will contact the Customer in order to fix a delivery date within the deadlines mentioned in the summary of the order.

The inability of the MAISONS DU MONDE carriers to deliver the Products on the agreed date, in case of absence of the Customer or lack of information on the need to employ specific means of delivery, may give rise to the payment of additional shipping costs, storage costs, warehousing fees and the cancellation of the order by MAISONS DU MONDE.

The risks of the Products are transferred to the Customer at the time of the delivery into their possession, or the possession of any third party mandated by the Customer, in particular forwarding agents.

Split deliveries: In cases where the respective availability dates of the Products in an order are different, MAISONS DU MONDE may suggest to the Customer that their order be split. In the case of a fractional delivery, the amount of the delivery costs referred to in point 2 shall be applied to each part of the order.

In the absence of split delivery, the goods will be sent on the date of availability of all the Products ordered.


The Customer must carry out all necessary examinations at the time of delivery to detect any damage, missing items, defects or other apparent problems or non-conformity of the Products delivered in their order. The Customer shall in particular check the condition of the packages, the number of packages as well as the quantities, references, condition and characteristics of the Products. The Customer has a period of 72 hours from the receipt of the goods to express reservations and forward them to MAISONS DU MONDE.

Under penalty of inadmissibility of their request, the Customer should:

– include on the delivery note precise and reasoned reservations in the event of damage or missing items; general reservations of the type "subject to unpacking" are insufficient.

Confirm their reservations for the missing or damaged items, within the aforementioned period, as well as state any other reservations, to:

- MAISONS DU MONDE Trade Department ( for any order placed by this service;

- MAISONS DU MONDE Customer Service ( for any order placed through the website or in a MAISONS DU MONDE store.

The Customer must also be able to provide proof as to the reality of the claims made and provide MAISONS DU MONDE, its carriers or any person mandated by them, all access to draw their conclusions, the Customer refraining from intervening or involving a third party for this purpose.

In case of non-conformity of one or more products, after validation by MAISONS DU MONDE, the Product to be returned must be delivered to the carriers of MAISONS DU MONDE in perfect condition, in its original packaging and equipped with all its accessories. No spontaneous returns, without the agreement of MAISONS DU MONDE, will be accepted.


Scope of the warranty

The Products are guaranteed for a period of two (2) years from delivery against any defects in workmanship, design or materials. During the warranty period, MAISONS DU MONDE commits to offer, at its choice, a replacement or to take back the Products that its services recognise as defective. The exchanged Products are covered by the remaining period of the guarantee.

The sofas identified as having a 5-year warranty on their product sheet are guaranteed from the date of delivery for:

– 5 years for the structure, the feet, the fixings, the convertible sofa mechanism, the back fabric, the trimming foam.

– 2 years for the back and seat cushion upholstery, the covering and the mattress of the convertibles.

The Products of the OUTDOOR range benefit from a commercial guarantee, the duration of which varies depending on the product range. The specific duration applicable to each Product is specified in the catalogue and on the website.

The warranty excludes:

  • –  damage to the Product resulting from normal wear
  • –  any slight differences found on the Products as
  • –  any defects in the Product which may result from
  • –  Products not recommended for professional use.

Claiming under the warranty

To make a warranty claim, the Customer must contact: - MAISONS DU MONDE Trade Department ( for any order placed by this service; - MAISONS DU MONDE Customer Service ( for any order placed through the website or in a MAISONS DU MONDE store.


The responsibility of MAISONS DU MONDE in respect of the Products delivered, including within the framework of the applicable contractual and / or legal guarantees, is limited to the price of the defective or non-conforming Products. MAISONS DU MONDE shall not be liable for compensation for indirect damages or any other financial loss suffered by the Customer or a third party.


To register and process Customer orders and / or respond to inquiries, MAISONS DU MONDE collects personal data concerning these people. MAISONS DU MONDE may also need to send commercial offers and / or newsletters for commercial purposes to the Customers by e-mail or SMS. The Customers have the right to access, rectify, challenge and delete such data, in accordance with the legal provisions relating to the protection of personal data. Any request should be addressed to



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By express agreement between MAISONS DU MONDE and the Customer, e-mails between the Parties will be considered authentic, as will the automatic registration systems used on the Website, in particular with respect to the nature and date of the order.

In accordance with the rules of ordinary law, the Customer may access the electronic contract entered into with MAISONS DU MONDE. To do this, they must contact the Trade Department ( or the Customer Service ( and provide all necessary information, including the order number and their contact details.

Partial non-validity

If one or more of the provisions of these GTS are adjudged to be invalid, declared void or unenforceable by law, regulation or as a result of a final decision of a competent court, the remaining provisions shall retain their full force and effect.


The fact that one of the Parties has not demanded the application of any particular clause of these GTS, whether permanently or temporarily, shall under no circumstances be considered a waiver of the rights of that Party arising from that clause.

Modification of the GTS

MAISONS DU MONDE reserves the right to modify these General Terms of Sale at any time. The GTS applicable to all orders are those in force on the day the order is placed.

Entire Agreement

These GTS and the order summary sent to the Customer form a contractual whole and constitute the entirety of the contractual relations between the Parties.

Resale of the products

MAISONS DU MONDE has its own network of integrated stores. The resale of MAISONS DU MONDE products subject of this document is strictly prohibited.


The relationship between Professional Customers and MAISONS DU MONDE is governed in accordance with the law of England and Wales. The domicile of the PARTIES shall be at their respective registered office.

In the event of a dispute which cannot be resolved amicably, any legal action shall be brought before the competent courts where the defendant's registered office is located.