Style Small Space

The style that leaves you room for style

Injecting style into a small space can be a real challenge. That's why Maisons du Monde has created its first collection especially for small spaces, with furniture and decor that is practical, on-trend and accessible. Let's go!

Practical & stylish

The trick when you have to decorate a small space is not just to choose small furniture, but more so to opt for multifunctional furniture. A footstool that doubles as storage, a dining table that folds into a cabinet or a coffee table with a swivel tray; you can win back some space!

That's clever!

The smaller, the cosier

What about playing with the small surroundings to create a warm and snuggly cocooning atmosphere? Soft furnishings are key here. Get plenty of cushions, layer up your bed with a throw made of a large woollen knit, enjoy the comfort of a faux fur rug and for a little extra fun, pile up futons as a sofa or bed.

You'll feel super snug!

Three chairs for EVE!

White, pink beige, sea green... in 7 colours the stackable EVE chair will save space in small places, no matter your decor.

The key ranges