A Christmas tree filled with colour

Adorn your Christmas tree with baubles in emerald green, peacock blue, and electrifying shades like mustard and fuchsia. Wild animals are wearing their festive finest, from feathers to glitter, they’re also invited to this exotic, chic, and slightly crazy Christmas party.

Everything for a neo-kitsch tree

The 12 days of Christmas

The must-haves for a neo-kitsch tree

A festive table that’s elegant and exuberant

At the table, you can create a luxurious atmosphere but still have a little fun. Play with colours by choosing bright plates, gold cutlery, wild animal ornaments and feathers for a touch of chic. Your guests will love this forward-thinking style.

Everything for a neo-kitsch table

Shake things up at the dinner table

The must-haves for a neo-kitsch table

A green Christmas

For a Christmas that’s as stylish as it sustainable, discover our selection of eco-conscious neo-kitsch decorations.

Our top picks for an eco-friendly neo-kitsch Christmas