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Take the natural approach

Wood, touches of greenery and a little black; give a nod to the festive season with the effortless Authentic collection. A simple and honest Christmas scheme to match a pared back style.

Decor that's simplicity itself

At this time of year, an authentic decor becomes second nature. Take inspiration from the wonders of the forest with rough wood, understated colours and woodland animals. Bears, foxes and deer will all be found on the Christmas tree. For a unique take on festive decor, hang baubles in unexpected places such as a wooden ladder. To warm up the atmosphere, scatter lighting around. To finish, make nature's gift keep on giving and be generous with seasonal foliage; eucalyptus, fir branches, pine cones.

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Oh, deery

Feasting comes naturally

When it comes to the table, strip things back. Remain authentic with an uncomplicated setting, with a simple table cloth or naked table. Get creative with natural materials layered on, in the form of wooden chopping boards, jute placemats and linen napkins. When it comes to centrepieces, let vases, pine cones and candles subtly enhance the festive feel. For the feast? Tableware in neutral colours and clear glass keep simplicty on the menu. Keep it authentic with an uncomplicated setting?

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Pining for festivities

I like to make as much as I can myself when it comes to my Christmas table. I take advantage of woodland walks and gather pine cones to use as name card holders and table decorations. It's simple, but effective!

Laurène, DIY extraordinaire

Let’s create an Authentic Christmas

Make a pastry cutter for your festive table.

20 min