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Christmas with plenty of show and plenty of snow

The Ice Christmas collection will warm the hearts of fans of a wintery ambiance. With a Scandinavian touch and glacier blue, silver and iridescent white colours, the Christmas decorations get a decidedly modern Arctic look. Irresistible!

Let's not wait for Christmas to break the ice

As soon as we feel the first winter chills, we've only got one thing on our minds: getting ready for Christmas. Everything has to be ready in time before the presents are passed around. We've been inspired by the sort of weather you get at the North Pole for the decor: A wintery ambiance reigns over the presents wrapped in metallic gift wrap and the house is scattered with simple, uncluttered decorations. Midnight blue and glacier blue, snow-covered branches arranged in vases in polar colours, twinkling stars scattered about: we've done everything to please fans of powdery snow. Brrrr, it's really cold so it's a good excuse to snuggle up in a soft throw in front of the brasero with a hot chocolate and marshmallows!

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Cuddle up, Christmas is coming!

A Christmas that's not for the faint-hearted

The big day has arrived at last, let's hope it snows... While they're waiting for their presents, the kids are playing by the fire while the grown-ups are enjoying a festive meal by the light of candles in silvery candlesticks. The furniture is Nordic, of course, and the table decorations stylish. The transparent glasses contrast beautifully with the blue and the grey of the contemporary plates: what's not to like? Hey, it's time for dessert... let's get a bit of fresh air and eat the cake outside in the delicious winter breeze.

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Ice, ice, Scandi!

The Christmas tree hasn't lost its head

The Christmas tree has a right to a frosty makeover too! The penguins and polar bears are leaving the ice floes to join the festive ornaments. Sequinned baubles, white snowflakes, iridescent hanging decorations... the stylish Christmas trees in light wood and metal are packed with references to snowy landscapes. As a subtle nod to the starry sky, fairy lights illuminate the Scandinavian decor. On the terrace, a little folly: a majestic Christmas tree straight from a Norwegian forest sets the scene. Because the magic of Christmas works on the outside too!

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Snowflake decorate the tree!