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Lovely warm wood for Christmas

Let your true nature shine through at Christmas! With light wood, warm materials and decorative touches inspired by the forest, the Natural Christmas collection gives you the chance to make the whole house feel cosy. We think you'll twig what we're on about!

The little pre-Christmas treats

Since you're waiting for Santa, you might as well do it in good company! Friends, neighbours, family, the invitations have gone out and everyone's sitting around the beautifully decorated table: the matte golden cutlery adds a festive touch to the plates subtly decorated with natural motifs, all ready for special times of sharing and togetherness. It's the perfect chance to get back to what's really important: opening the last windows on the wooden Advent calendar and a few gifts simply arranged in front of the stunning green Christmas tree.

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Spirit of Christmas, are you there?

A forest of great ideas

Look who's over there! The creatures of the forest take their place in the decor all over the house including the Christmas baubles and hanging decorations. Foxes, deer, bears... All these lovely characters have come to live in your cosy home for a festive season that gives nature and authenticity pride of place. Wood is also playing a starring role on vases, ornaments and other decorative items, helping to create a real feeling of harmony. There you are, dressed for hibernation!

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Christmas is coming out of its hideaway

December in your cosy home

Having thought carefully about finding the right gift for everyone, it's time to think about yourself. Plenty of opportunities for pampering in a decor that inspires calm and relaxation. Make yourself a hot chocolate, snuggle up in a knitted throw or faux fur blanket and enjoy a quiet moment watching the winter landscape. By the Christmas tree decked in natural colours, you feel can feel like you're in the forest in your own living room. All that's left to do is light the little decorations to add the final touch to this super-cosy ambiance. A calm Christmas in your sights!

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Cosy Christmas