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Chic Christmas on show

Urban Christmas is going to wake up your celebrations! Forget those classic Christmases, make way for modernity. Red and green give way to pink and blue, the patterns are graphic and the decor isn't lacking in spice. It's going to be hot in the city!

Home-made home decorations

The great thing about Christmas is making things yourself too. So everyone's helping get ready for Christmas. The home-made Advent calendar, full of surprises is hanging on the living room wall, the sophisticated decorations hanging everywhere, even on the door handles. Your mother-in-law is wrapping the presents beautifully, and your father-in-law is setting up the Christmas tree: it only needs to be switched on!

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I made it myself!

From year 0 to a Christmas 2.0

What if Christmas went modern? Come on, time for a stylish tree! That's handy: Brooklyn features on the baubles and hanging decorations with its lovely street fronts and tall buildings. The midnight blue is glorious and the plum colour looks fantastic on the faux fur baubles. Christmas trees and little cottages have appeared on the contemporary branches, and the origami hanging decorations are twirling around. The window sill and the side table aren't forgotten either, with a prettily lit-up white ceramic house and some sparkly decorations. A beautiful ambiance that will create a big effect!

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It's pretty here!

It's time to get carried away!

Once the mad frenzy of the opening of gifts is over, it's time to light the fairy lights and the candles. Your guests will get a feast for their eyes as well as the taste buds! On the menu: sushi revisited served on sweet elegant plates, a Christmas log like a chocolate lolly enhanced by Japanese-style crockery. Although the meal might be a bit quirky, there are some things you can't mess with, like the traditional glass of champagne and a table looking its best with touches of pink and gold. And don't forget the photo booth, rumour has it that Father Christmas is mad about selfies! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Make room for the celebrations!

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We never tasted that!