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Hungry for some style? Get your fill of kitchen decor. There's plenty to go round! With our 8 modular furniture ranges, you can choose the fitted kitchen style that's right for you, including FSC certified and recycled wood options. Choose from kitchen cupboards and sink units, and even kitchen islands. Chefs have nothing on you!

Melchior kitchen furniture

• Original and practical storage such as bottle racks, glass racks, sliding door units...
• Comfortable worktop height with units at 90cm and central islands at 95cm
• Protective finish on all surfaces

Embrun kitchen furniture

• Solid wood shows off all the natural grain for an authentic look
• Slatted sides
• Comfortable worktop height at 90cm

Stockholm kitchen furniture

• Thin worktop made of robust, modern and elegant marble
• Handles carved into the wood for an understated look
• Upright units with a multitude of combinations to give your kitchen a unique look with plenty of variation

Newport kitchen furniture

• Worktop with galvanised zinc top
• Slatted front sides with a French panelling look
• Hard-wearing matte varnish that patinates over time

Zinc kitchen furniture

• Worktop with matte finished galvanised zinc top for durability, toughness and easy cleaning
• Patinates over time
• Built-in white ceramic sink

Copenhague kitchen furniture

• Worktop and sink in Chinese blue limestone
• Paned glass window effect doors
• Variety of fittings for a multitude of combinations

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Maquis kitchen furniture

• Blue limestone sink made of a single piece of stone
• Dish cloth bars and crate look drawers for an authentic style
• Very easy to assemble, as only the shelves need assembling

Éléonore kitchen furniture

• Elegant moulded design and distressed effect paint
• Practical and decorative storage baskets
• Detachable cornices and side fascias to create continuity between units

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