Autumn - Winter decor trend no.4 Bruges

The chicest in Belgium!

Simple, luxurious, and with a mix of modern and rustic elements, Belgian interior style is in a league of its own! Our stylists were inspired to offer you a trend with lots of authentic charm. With blues, silvers, grand country house style, and cosy fabrics: this is Belgian style at its best!

Rich in silver

Whether you prefer matte or shine, silver adds a touch of elegance to your home. Less flashy than gold, it’s the perfect accompaniment to the blue colour palette of the Bruges trend. During meals, silver candlesticks are reminiscent of lavish meals in country estates. On the walls, silver-clad mirrors reflect matching silver vases, photo frames and statuettes. Silver: It's worth it’s weight in gold!

Silver linings

Bring on the florals

Both warm and inviting, the Bruges trend combines style and comfort—achieved with a romantic mix of natural materials, pale blues and floral prints, as well as velvet and faux fur —with a healthy dose of rustic (think light woods, ceramics and patinated finishes) thrown in for good measure. Evoking a romantic, countryside style, it’s clear to see that Bruges has a softer side!

Out of the blue

A Sunday in Bruges

Imagine this: waking up in soft linen bedsheets, and starting the day with breakfast in bed, served on an elegant tray. Follow it up with lighting some candles, relaxing on the sofa and a spot of reading... Treat yourself to the ultimate Sunday morning! From the bedroom to the living room, the Bruges trend will bring the perfect calm ambience to your home!

The luxury of doing nothing