Everything's a question of balance

Before you can give your creative side free rein, you have to feel good. So to create your own cosy bubble, look for inner fulfilment in the perfect balance of your design scheme. Pastel powder pink roses, and bright, luminous yellows. The trend is about balance and round shapes. Last but not least, you just need to set down your yoga mat so that you can find your own inner harmony.

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Objective: wellness in my design scheme


Create something surprising and show off your creativity by breaking the mould... Scattering plain cushions on your sofa is nice, but playing with different colours and patterns is more of a surprize! And why not pile up a mountain of plush cushions on the floor itself so you can lounge around there or reconsider a plate as an ornament on your shelf? Furnish everything the way you like, and be creative – only your imagination counts.

All Soft Mood products
Colourful ideas

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