A place in the sun

The first rays of daybreak awaken the charming patinas of the Tuscany trend. In the form of baskets and trays, straw and wicker create a distinctly relaxed style in your home. Materials that you can also find shaped into picnic baskets and shopping bags for a stroll in the fields. In the evening, a sofa with some rich reds echoes the dying embers of the daylight. The sun itself brings its own touch to the design scheme.

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Living la dolce vita.

Family comes first in design schemes as well

If you want to receive your whole family in the style of a grand country holiday home in Italy, you have to emphasise locations for socialising and optimise the various storage spaces. Thanks to a few little woven baskets, bags and floral boxes, there's space for everybody to store their belongings. In the kitchen when you're sitting down to eat, display your utensils and tableware, and don't leave anybody behind when it comes to titillating the taste buds of your entire tribe.

All Tuscany products
Feeling that family vibe?

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