5-Drawer Storage Cabinet with 2 Glass Doors


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Product Details

  • Ref.: 199608
  • Dimensions (cm): Height90 x Width123 x Depth45
  • Weight (kg): 55
  • Made In Inde
  • Main material: Wood
  • Assembly required

This product is made of reclaimed wood, giving a second life to raw materials!

Make your home feel like a welcoming country house with the CEZANNE 5-Drawer Storage Cabinet with 2 Glazed Doors. The clever design combines tempered glass and recycled wood to create an authentic storage unit. It would be perfect in a living or dining room, allowing you to display your favourite crockery and store cutlery, tea towels, coasters and placemats. We can picture it alongside a comfy sofa and a wooden coffee table. Encourage a cosy atmosphere by adding a carved wooden lamp with a pale shade and a glass vase filled with dried flowers to this storage cabinet. We're big fans!

Traceable wood: From forest to shelf, truly traceable wood that combats deforestation.


This product can be reused or recycled. When it reaches the end of its useful life, consider taking it to a collection point.

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