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Deckchair Fabric with Floral Print - Compatible with PANAMA Chaise Longue

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Product Details

  • Ref.: 200862
  • Dimensions (cm): Height124 x Width44 x Depth1
  • Weight (kg): 0.2
  • Main material: Polyester

    Enjoy summer in style with the SAINT LOUIS floral print deckchair canvas. It's compatible with the PANAMA loungers and will look great beside a swimming pool or on the terrace with its print of pretty, yellow flowers. A touch ethnic and bang on-trend, this deckchair canvas (deckchair not included) will be the dose of vitamins your outdoor space needs! A match made in heaven!

    Did you know...? Night-time conditions can change the colour of fabrics. To avoid any risk of discolouration, consider putting them away when it goes dark. During winter, keep your fabric items in a warm, dry place.

    This product can be reused or recycled. When it reaches the end of its useful life, consider taking it to a collection point.

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