DETOX Tea Gift Set

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Embrace the well-being and minimalist trend with the DETOX Tea Gift Set! A tea with a fresh lemongrass fragrance and floral flavour which promises a moment of pure contentment. It comes with a teaspoon, handy for measuring out and infusing the tea leaves. So take some "me" time and enjoy a cup of hot tea! Did you know...? Maisons du Monde offers teas blends made by Compagnie Coloniale.

Preparation tips: Every tea is different and to appreciate all their flavours, the temperature and infusion time really make a difference!

We recommend infusing our green tea selection between 80-90°C. This will preserve the taste, benefits and flavours of the tea, to ensure you really savour it!

As for how to prepare it, tea needs time - but not too much - to release its flavours. To really tickle your taste buds, Maisons du Monde recommends an infusion time of 3-4 minutes.

So settle down comfortably and savour these sweet, exotic flavours...


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Main material: Metal
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    Additional information

    Ingredients : green tea, lemongrass, flowers.

    May contain: traces of sulphites, celery, nuts and milk.

    Net weight: 50g /2,82 oz

    Keep in a dry and cool place.

    Tea from China and Mexico.
    Product packed in France.

    Best before : 08/2021

    Batch no: 300905