Gold Paulownia Wood Mirror 90x120


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Product Details

  • Ref.: 159048
  • Dimensions (cm): Height120 x Width90 x Depth5.2
  • Weight (kg): 13.74
  • Origin of main wood: China
  • Main wood variety: Paulownia
  • Botanical name for main wood: Paulownia Tomentosa
  • To hang
  • Main material: Mirror
  • Main material: Wood

    Leave your mark on your home with the VALENTINE mirror in gold paulownia wood 90x120, while bringing in extra light. The classic look of this rectangular mirror shrouded with pretty arabesques will bring elegance to your walls. Details: The golden, slightly patinated wood gives this mirror an antique feel. Inside tip: Put it at the right height. Placing this mirror in your hall will ensure you always get one last look at your outfit before heading out.

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