Green and Taupe Rug with Nature Print 150x240 Orphee


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The ORPHEE Green and Taupe Rug with Nature Print will turn any floor into a work of art. The green, taupe and chic print will create a beautiful surprise in a classic interior, alongside slightly distressed white or solid wood furniture. This 150x240 rug is the perfect size for decorating a living room. It will look great along with your sofa and coffee table. What do you think?


  • Ref.: 189576
  • Dimensions (cm): Height240 x Width150 x Depth2
  • Weight (kg): 10.79
  • Main material: Viscose
  • Made In Inde

    Additional information

    80% Viscose, 20% Cotton

    This product is recyclable. When it comes to the end of its useful life, remember to take it to a recycling centre.