Pocket Sprung and Memory Foam Mattress 160x200cm



With a firm yet cushioned feel, this pocket sprung memory foam 160 x 200cm MARCEL mattress gives you the rest you deserve at the end of a hard day.The memory foam of this MARCEL mattress will hug your body for perfect support.Thanks to its hypoallergenic coating that keeps away allergens and dust mites, your skin will be protected from irritants.


Ref.: 171470
Dimensions (cm): Height21 x Width160 x Depth200
Weight (kg): 35.96
Made In Belgique
Main material: Fabric

Additional information

Total thickness: 22 cm, composed of 2 memory foam comfort layers 50 kg/m3 (composed of 30% natural plant oils), pocket sprungs (280 sprungs/m² i.e. 700 sprungs for 140x190 base)

The pocket sprungs allow good motion isolation: when one sleeper turns during the night, the other is not disturbed by the movement

7-zone support system ensuring suitable support for each sensitive area of the body, in particular the lower back and shoulders

Ticking: 100% polyester stretch fabric, hypoallergenic, anti-allergy and anti-dust mite treatments

Horizontal handles, white 3D breathable band, double-faced (summer/winter).
Firm support, very plush, pressure relief, personalised comfort layer