Recycled Pine Kitchen Unit for Dishwasher W 68 Copenhague kitchen


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This product is made of reclaimed wood, giving a second life to raw materials!

This dishwasher housing kitchen unit in recycled pine will complete your modern, on-trend kitchen. With an anthracite blue stone top, this dishwasher unit is compatible with other COPENHAGUE kitchen units. Design detail: the combination of recycled pine and blue stone. You'll love: the blue stone countertop requires no upkeep.


This product belongs to the range Copenhague kitchen


Ref.: 157221
Dimensions (cm): Height85 x Width68 x Depth60
Weight (kg): 42
Assembly required

Additional information

Frame: reclaimed pine, greyed finish
Counter top: anthracite blue stone
Opening: 60x58x82 cm, to accommodate a standard 60x80 cm dishwasher
Maximum height below work surface : 870 mm

Adjustable legs allowing you to adapt the height of your kitchen units.

Chinese bluestone is a compact, dark dolomite limestone. It is characterised by irregularities in its appearance as well as more or less numerous white veins that can cover the length of the tops. They have no effect on its resistance. In spite of its natural qualities, the stone remains porous and must therefore be looked after over time.

Maintenance advice: the stone is supplied with a water-repellent treatment and must be cleaned every day, just with a barely damp cloth. It is advisable to avoid the use of detergents and abrasive products as far as possible because they may damage the protective surface. Also, avoid splashes of acidic foodstuffs such as lemon juice, vinegar and tomatoes... which may leave marks. Oils, soft soap and turpentine must be avoided at all costs. After a few years, depending on the intensity of use, apply a water-repellent smoothing product and/or an oil-repellent product which will make it less porous. Please refer to the product manufacturer's recommendations. In the event of stubborn stains or clogging, you should first remove the grease from your stone and then apply a water-repellent product. These products are easy to find in DIY stores. Make sure you always test the product first on a less visible area. Use a trivet to stand your hot dishes and saucepans to avoid any thermal shock. If you're using a waterproof seal between your kitchen tops, test the product first in a non-visible area to ensure that the product does not seep into the stone.


This product is recyclable. When it comes to the end of its useful life, remember to take it to a recycling centre.

This product is made of reclaimed wood, giving a second life to raw materials! 

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