Solid Oak Dresser


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Product Details

  • Ref.: 103835
  • Dimensions (cm): Height223 x Width145 x Depth49
  • Weight (kg): 129
  • Made In Viet Nam
  • Botanical name for main wood: Quercus spp
  • Origin of main wood: United States of America
  • Main wood variety: Oak

This furniture product is made of PEFC certified wood. This label guarantees that the wood comes from a responsibly managed forest; by choosing this product, you are also helping forest preservation and biodiversity.

Do you like fine classic-style wooden furniture with a touch of originality? The ATELIER solid oak dresser hutch is made for you. This buffet hutch combines oak and metal to produce an elegant piece of furniture that will fit in easily in your kitchen or your dining room. This hutch can be used as a wooden hutch for tableware or general storage.

Certified wood: Certified wood comes from responsibly managed forests; it protects natural resources and biodiversity.  


This product can be reused or recycled. When it reaches the end of its useful life, consider taking it to a collection point.

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