grey short pile rug 140 x 200 cm Swart


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In grey tones, this rug would fit equally well into a very refined contemporary interior or in a more colourful, modern design.
Design detail: the different nuances are what make this rug a unique decoration!
Our tip: this is a big rug, so make sure you have enough space to avoid narrowing the room.
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This product belongs to the range Swart


Ref.: 147864
Dimensions (cm): Height200 x Width140 x Depth2
Weight (kg): 3.5
100% Polyester
Composition of front face: 100% Acrylic
Main material: Acrylic

    Additional information

    100% acrylic faux fur, lining 100% polyester.
    590 g/m2. Fibre height 1.6 cm.

    This product is recyclable. When it comes to the end of its useful life, remember to take it to a recycling centre.