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Maisons du Monde on-line payment

Payment by bank card

Payments by bank card are in full upon placement of order and in British Pound Sterling only.

Payments by bank card are protected by the Merc@net solution from BNP Paribas, in compliance with French and International inter-bank regulations.
This solution enables the buyer to make payments in total security.

When paying for your order on-line, you are automatically transferred to the bank's server through a secure SSL-mode transaction (session encrypted using a 128-bit key in compliance with the French Government authorization). The number of the card is thus encrypted between the browser and the Merc@net Payment server.

Information about your Bank Card is recorded only in the databases of BNP Paribas and not in those of Maisons du Monde. In no way whatsoever do we receive, record or keep any of your bank details.

After confirmation of your payment by BNP Paribas, you are automatically transferred back to our site. The personal data recorded in the cookie is then deleted.

Orders are only acknowledged after payment has been confirmed. No discount or late payment penalties are applicable.

Payments by PayPal

PayPal is a secure payment method which allows you to pay for your articles quickly without having to share your bank details with retail websites. You just have to provide your details when you create your PayPal account. They are then encrypted and secured for good.If you already have a PayPal account, you can use it on our website to pay for your purchases quickly and completely securely. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still opt for this payment method. When the time comes to pay, you will be redirected to a PayPal page where you can enter your bank details (and choose whether to create a PayPal account or not).

Payments with a credit

The credit note can be used on the website of the issuing country and is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.
The credit note can be used once or several times.
The credit note can be used in addition to another payment method except with gift cards or vouchers.

On the "Order Summary" page, when you choose your payment method, select "Use a gift card, voucher or credit note", then select "Credit" and enter the number and security code found on your credit note.

Payments by bank cheque, only for items invoiced in France

Payments by bank cheque must be made in full when the order is placed, in British Pound Sterling.

On the order summary page, when you choose your payment method, select "validate my order, payment by bank cheque".

Write the order reference number we give you on the back of your cheque. In correct the fields, fill in your name, the name of the bank and the 7 digit cheque number located on your cheque.

The cheque must be drawn on bank domiciled in Metropolitan France and made out to Maisons du Monde.

Send your cheque to:

Maisons du Monde
Service Comptabilité Internet
Le Portereau
BP 52402
44124 Vertou

IMPORTANT: If you pay by cheque, the delivery date will be extended to account for the time required to receive and process your cheque.

For more information, please see the general terms of sale.

Payments by bank cheque