Autumn - Winter decor trend No. 4 Safari Party

Go wild

Encounter adventure with Safari Party and relax in a luxury lodge for a lavish retreat. Global touches and animal motifs mingle amongst woven textures, beige and golden glints. Wildly cosy and soft!

Natural instinct

Wood, raffia, rope, bamboo; natural details bring a wild side to your decor. From a rattan headboard to a braided chandelier, welcome woven wonders in. For a down to earth finish, add warmth with sumptuous fabrics like velvet or wool.

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Take a walk on the wild side!

Animal influences

Make a big impact with animal print. Clashing cushions in leopard and palm tree patterns as well as gilded giraffe and monkey accessories are on the prowl for your attention. Tame the wild and welcome safari creatures, great and small to every corner.

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Ahead of the pack
Toile Jungle Safari : 69,99€

When night falls...

Come alive after dark and get the Safari Party started as black takes centre stage alongside matte gold accents on ornaments and wall art. Set the scene for sophistication with candles and chic tableware, to capture a spectacle for your guests.

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Black is the new black

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